Monday, 2 May 2011

a little shuffle ...

Hello all,

Hope everyone has had yet another lovely bank holiday weekend. Like many people up and down the country a bank holiday Monday can often mean dabbling in a bit d.i.y or a little spring clean. I myself wouldn't go as far as saying I did a spring clean, however I did do a little reorganising of my desk. I tend to change/move things around constantly, whether it's just to freshen things up or if I need a little inspiration or motivation I just stick an image to the wall and shuffle around a few things and it usually does the trick. You will have to forgive the quality of my photographs, I am still awaiting the arrival of my new camera lead so I am having to make do with the little prehistroric camera on my phone.

I have so many books, jars and little decorative items that I could do with having a desk the size of a dining room table to display everything, but with that not being an option I instead just alternate what I have on my desk every few weeks to ensure I'm getting good use out of everything. I did see some nice, white wall shelving in Ikea last week so I think I'm going to get some to put up above my desk to give me a little more space to put up my latest treasures.

I'm now on the hunt for some inspirational desk/office images, below are some of the beauties which I've came across just now, I'm sure I'll be adding to this collection of images throughout the night. But at the moment, these are my stand out favourites. Take a look...



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