Wednesday, 11 May 2011

hang and hook ...

Hello all,

So today I have been trying to organise an up and coming photo shoot which means trying to source some lovely props to sit alongside my main products. Basically, it has given me a fantastic excuse to trawl through countless online boutiques, catalogues and design blogs in search of  lovely, decorative pieces.
And wouldn't you know it, I become distracted, off I went on a tangent, I can only blame this on the beautiful images I came across whilst doing my "research". I seem to have once again fallen in love with anything you can hang on your wall, though this time I'm not just talking fancy frames and pretty pictures. 

It's refreshing to see how people are using their walls to showcase a plethora of objects, all perfectly hung in a cluster of style and personality. It's like having your own home gallery, exhibiting whatever you like alongside the trusty old photo frame. It seems the more eclectic the better. I love the variation in size and shape in many of the images I've found,  an ordinary large, square frame hung next to a long, metal arrow. The more obscure, the better the wall, and although it may seem a little hard to believe it does somehow visually work. Here are some of my favourite examples, going from the classic cluster of frames to the more playful placements of letters and objects.


Is it about time we all got creative and made our walls a bit more playful? 


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  1. Such fun photos! I especially love the bright colors of the first one. I find myself doing the same thing online, I get distracted by one thing and another and before long an hour has gone by and I'm very inspired but haven't gotten much done. I think it is natural when you have a passion for design. :)


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