Tuesday, 12 June 2012

lovely lighting ...

Hello all,

So this week / month I am obsessing over lighting, during a birthday trip to Dublin over the weekend I stumbled across a shop, this shop was beautiful, eclectic and memorizing. I have always always wanted to open my own interior and lifestyle store, during rainy days I often sit and draw out exactly how I would like the store fit  and styling of my dream store to be. And well, it was as if someone had sneaked away with one of my drawings and set up shop in this little hidden lane in Dublin. It was my idea of perfection, fantastic window displays, charming products and an endearing interior style, a mix of old and new. I will be dedicating a post to this beautiful store tomorrow, but it was a product found in this shop that prompted todays post. Hanging lovingly over my head as I rummaged through a textile corner of the store, a pendant lighting piece, totally unique it proudly hung amongst the plethora of other interior accessories, but it was the fragility of the structure that captured my eye. Made out of reclaimed china it was pieced together through craft and a good dose of labor intensive love, this lovely lighting piece only fuelled (was that a pun?) my obsession for great lighting and the impact a statement piece can have. 

With this I thought I would share some of my favourite finds from the last seven days. Take a peak below and see what you think.



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