Saturday, 23 October 2010

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Save the Arts...

visit the following link to help support the petition to stop the 25% cuts in art funding nationally.


Sound of the week ...

a lovely, lovely band <3


a moment, a look...

Super tired after what have felt like two of the longest working days this week. So you will have to forgive me and let these pretty pictures fill in for my lack of energy. I will be back to normal posting form come Friday. Nothing that a good sleep and energy bar can't sort out.



Saturday, 16 October 2010

Happy Weekend...

Happy Weekend, have fun, take pictures.



Friday, 15 October 2010

Book of the month...

Now that I have some extra pennies thanks to my lovely, new job I'm going to buy a new design/styling book each month to add to my collection, which I have to say has come to be a bit of a halt recently. There are so many brilliant books out there, but the one that has caught my eye this month is by one of my favourite interior stylists, Selina Lake.

Her first book Bazaar Style was a great read, beautiful imagery and great supportive text made it a coffee table must for many. Her latest book Romantic Style is right up my street. By looking at the preview on amazon I have already fell hook line and sinker for the colour palettes, vintage pieces and themes. So come next weekend I will be able to spend hours riffling through this book and come on here to express my love... naturally.

So starting from this month my "book of the month" will become a regular feature, I'll post my favourite images and also review the books which may be handy for some of you out there.

Here is a sneak peak of Selina's "Romantic Style" book.

Enjoy and Happy Weekend


Un bel espace ...

After a hard weeks graft getting things sorted for the Bacchanalia store opening in the Home Quarter next week (hopefully) I've been inspired to look at the wonderful world of store / boutique interior design. I've always been interested in interior design and styling, whatever form it may come in. However after spending the entire week in a building site / come hopeful beautiful interior and home store I've become fascinated if not obsessed with store display and styling. The work and planning that goes into store layout and display is something I think can often be overlooked, yet it is one, if the not the most significant factor in retail.

With this, I have pulled some of my favourite finds below, leaving my absolute, stand alone favourite until last. Each one of these stores have managed to create an atmosphere and mood that integrates the shops identity and its stock whilst making it look effortless, and I happen to love each and every one.

Sacramento Street Boutique

Dior Boutique Paris

Chanel Boutique LA

Below is a shop in Nottingham - Le Chien Et Moi.

It has to be one of the most inspiring and wonderful shops I've ever visited, a statement no doubt shared by everyone else who has managed to sneak a peak at this place. Le Chien Et Moi is situated in a beautiful, listed building, this is something which has obviously been sensitively kept in mind when designing and creating the shop. If the window displays aren't enough to make you a fan, once you step inside you are greeted with an array of antiques and unique finds. Their stock is displayed on dark wood cabinets and work benches, mix this with the fantastic lighting and beautiful colour palette and it becomes hard to find a reason to leave. It really is like stepping into another world, or at least a spread from Elle Decoration. A truly inspirational shop and example of accomplished interior design and styling. Even their website is a piece of art in itself.


I'm planning on going around Liverpool this weekend and snapping (if allowed) some of my favourite shop interiors, most of these more than likely coming from Bold Street. This is a "to be continued..." post for now. Hopefully the second part will be just as sweet as the first.



Monday, 11 October 2010

Sound of the week ...

The Velvet Underground ... I never tire of listening.

Rid yourself of Monday blues



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a second wish...

My second Topshop wish list.... well the second I've admitted to. If truth be told, there's a new one each day.

eclectic. Yessum


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

autumnal comfort...

I have been browsing through all my files on my trusty old laptop today, files that are jam packed with images which I have collected over the years, from the most recent to the furthest back. I wanted to put together a few boards inspired by autumn and the lovely colours which are around at the moment. My favourite palette being berry, purple and oatmeal hues.

Below is a set which I think encapsulates the comfort of the colder months in a stylish and creative way.

Hope you like



Monday, 4 October 2010

right now...

Right now I would like to sitting there, reading a book and catching some rays.

in this type of mood....


more than a doodle...

Hello all, so my Biennial post is yet to come, Wednesday to be precise. For now I have a few little illustrated treasures for you all to swoon over. Whilst getting up to date with all the lovely blogs out there I saw Freya Ete mentioned, her work is so quirky and optimistic that it led me to go and check out her website. Full of brilliantly light hearted, lovely pieces I have pulled a couple of my favourites.

After discovering Freya it led me to delve a little more into the endearing world of illustration, and through this I came across an illustrator named Emma Block. Her website boasts a plethora of pieces that are so different, through the point of inspiration or the use of line and colour I was immediately a fan. I'm sure you will agree her work is easy on the eye, just check out my favourites below.

After seeing Emma Block's work it vaguely reminded me of a fellow NTU graduate who's work is based around illustrative depictions of places visited. I think it's important to support fellow graduates from Textile Design so I've pulled some of the many great pieces on her website for you all to take a look at. Be sure to visit her website, I guarantee you'll find something you like, if not love!



Saturday, 2 October 2010

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