Friday, 15 October 2010

Un bel espace ...

After a hard weeks graft getting things sorted for the Bacchanalia store opening in the Home Quarter next week (hopefully) I've been inspired to look at the wonderful world of store / boutique interior design. I've always been interested in interior design and styling, whatever form it may come in. However after spending the entire week in a building site / come hopeful beautiful interior and home store I've become fascinated if not obsessed with store display and styling. The work and planning that goes into store layout and display is something I think can often be overlooked, yet it is one, if the not the most significant factor in retail.

With this, I have pulled some of my favourite finds below, leaving my absolute, stand alone favourite until last. Each one of these stores have managed to create an atmosphere and mood that integrates the shops identity and its stock whilst making it look effortless, and I happen to love each and every one.

Sacramento Street Boutique

Dior Boutique Paris

Chanel Boutique LA

Below is a shop in Nottingham - Le Chien Et Moi.

It has to be one of the most inspiring and wonderful shops I've ever visited, a statement no doubt shared by everyone else who has managed to sneak a peak at this place. Le Chien Et Moi is situated in a beautiful, listed building, this is something which has obviously been sensitively kept in mind when designing and creating the shop. If the window displays aren't enough to make you a fan, once you step inside you are greeted with an array of antiques and unique finds. Their stock is displayed on dark wood cabinets and work benches, mix this with the fantastic lighting and beautiful colour palette and it becomes hard to find a reason to leave. It really is like stepping into another world, or at least a spread from Elle Decoration. A truly inspirational shop and example of accomplished interior design and styling. Even their website is a piece of art in itself.


I'm planning on going around Liverpool this weekend and snapping (if allowed) some of my favourite shop interiors, most of these more than likely coming from Bold Street. This is a "to be continued..." post for now. Hopefully the second part will be just as sweet as the first.



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