Monday, 4 October 2010

more than a doodle...

Hello all, so my Biennial post is yet to come, Wednesday to be precise. For now I have a few little illustrated treasures for you all to swoon over. Whilst getting up to date with all the lovely blogs out there I saw Freya Ete mentioned, her work is so quirky and optimistic that it led me to go and check out her website. Full of brilliantly light hearted, lovely pieces I have pulled a couple of my favourites.

After discovering Freya it led me to delve a little more into the endearing world of illustration, and through this I came across an illustrator named Emma Block. Her website boasts a plethora of pieces that are so different, through the point of inspiration or the use of line and colour I was immediately a fan. I'm sure you will agree her work is easy on the eye, just check out my favourites below.

After seeing Emma Block's work it vaguely reminded me of a fellow NTU graduate who's work is based around illustrative depictions of places visited. I think it's important to support fellow graduates from Textile Design so I've pulled some of the many great pieces on her website for you all to take a look at. Be sure to visit her website, I guarantee you'll find something you like, if not love!



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