Friday, 15 October 2010

Book of the month...

Now that I have some extra pennies thanks to my lovely, new job I'm going to buy a new design/styling book each month to add to my collection, which I have to say has come to be a bit of a halt recently. There are so many brilliant books out there, but the one that has caught my eye this month is by one of my favourite interior stylists, Selina Lake.

Her first book Bazaar Style was a great read, beautiful imagery and great supportive text made it a coffee table must for many. Her latest book Romantic Style is right up my street. By looking at the preview on amazon I have already fell hook line and sinker for the colour palettes, vintage pieces and themes. So come next weekend I will be able to spend hours riffling through this book and come on here to express my love... naturally.

So starting from this month my "book of the month" will become a regular feature, I'll post my favourite images and also review the books which may be handy for some of you out there.

Here is a sneak peak of Selina's "Romantic Style" book.

Enjoy and Happy Weekend


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