Monday, 23 May 2011

blue crush ...

Hello all,

I've been working away at creating a few mood boards today along with planning some boards in prep for Saturday, the more preparation I do the more I can enjoy the day so I'm making sure I have everything I can done in advance.
Today I've been making some mood boards for the two ceramic designers whose work I am using for the photo shoot, both are very different in style, so I'm making sure I have a mood board for each to remind me of their style, colour palette and company aesthetic. 
The designer who I've been making a mood board for today uses a very subtle palette, often using white on white, white and duck egg blue, greys and the occasional pop of colour through some tiny detailing.
With this I put together a few mood boards to visually trigger ideas for the shoot, one of which I've posted below.

I'm still totally obsessed with table setting, I think it's all down to having to style for ceramic designers, but I'm not complaining, it's so much fun! Later on this week I'm going to do a "how to" table setting post which was suggested by one of my lovely followers. I'll be taking photographs at each stage, hopefully it will inspire you all to have a go yourself.

Exciting times tomorrow, I'm going to one of the designers I'm working with to select products to pick up for the shoot, this mean I have to be decisive... something which I often struggle with. I'll be taking lots of photographs of the products, so I'll be sure to post some of my final picks when everything is done and dusted.

Until then,



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