Wednesday, 27 April 2011

late night crafting ...

Hello all,

An unusually late night post, it's currently the early hours of the morning and for some reason I can not sleep. Instead of trying to read a book or listen to some chilled music to help me sleep I instead have made my brain even more active by getting a little crafty. I have a little tin box on my bedside table with yarns, charms and such things stuffed inside so I had a little rummage through and started to mess around making things. This literally only took me 20 mins to do and I think it's kind of sweet. I've noticed that the high street is full of bracelets of this style, just in time for festival season. A single cord with a charm on, or simply braided yarns and are charging a couple of pounds over what they really should be. So this is my alternative. I'm onto my second one now... looks like sleep deprivation makes for creative thinking.

Late night crafting... you never know, it might catch on!

Not the best quality photo, blame my not so modern mobile phone camera for that!

Good night all.


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