Sunday, 17 April 2011

to hang from string ...

Another sunshine filled day, I could certainly get used to this weather. I decided to take full of advantage of this sunny Sunday and do a little crafting outside in the sun. Since graduating I've had a pile of boxes with lovely pieces of scrap fabrics and swatches tucked inside, a lot of them are beautiful fabrics that I was sent when I was compiling my market research folder and it really is a waste for them to be stuck inside a boring old Ikea box.... there was only one thing for it... bunting! I absolutely love bunting, garlands, lanterns, basically anything you can hang from a string and make look pretty.

Before I started to stitch away I thought I'd seek some inspiration and came across these beauties below. All so different but equally as pretty and wonderful.

I'm finishing up my little creations as we speak, so a photograph will soon follow.


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