Thursday, 7 April 2011

Flashing Colour ...

Hello all,

Once again I have been creating interior designs to add to my growing collection, which will eventually be on my website which is soon to come. I'm planning on having a portfolio of moodboards and renders on my website, though I'm still very much in the thick of planning, creating and working it out. I thought I'd share another one of my room designs with you all today. After seeing a beautiful, electric blue upholstered chair in Living Etc I felt inspired to think about using such bold colours in a subtle and perhaps safer way in a room. Personally I love statement furniture and would have a bold, colourful piece in my own room, but this is purely down to personal preference. Because of this I have decided to create a room for the more reluctant decorator.  With neutral walls and furniture I think such bold colours can work brilliantly in accessories and decoration. This can be achieved through using colourful cushions, throws, vases or a great feature wall. 

Below is my developing design based around this theme. Of course I've used yellow along side the electric blue (my yellow obsession is obviously still going strong). Here's a glimpse of what I've been working on.

3D floor plan - concentrating on layout and structure. Two walls made out of windows to flood room with light - compliments the bright colours used for decoration.

2D plan.  Focusing on detailing of decoration.

final photo quality image. I am really happy with how the layout and colour ways have came out!



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