Wednesday, 27 July 2011

well being for the home ...

Hello again,

I just had to post about a company that I fell in love with around about February this year, a company whom I've just been reminded of as a postcard of theirs which I use a bookmark is in serious need of replacing. With the company fresh in my mind I popped onto their website to check out their annual catalogue and my love for them grew to even greater heights.

So whats the name of this beautiful company I hear you ask.... it's the Danish created House Doctor. 
House Doctor offers furniture and interior design products which would make any home feel better. I first discovered House Doctor when I attended the Spring Fair International, there were thousands of stands and stalls for companies and retailers and after trawling around far too many of these I found my saving grace in House Doctor, it utterly blew me away.

Not only was their stall a master piece, in fact describing it as a stall seems somewhat insulting. Their space which was lovingly styled showcased their brand identity perfectly, from showcasing key products and impressive pieces of furniture to arranging beautiful home accessories in a natural and artistic way, I was hooked from the onset.
I took far too many photos, grabbed a hefty wad of their postcards and even went as far as telling the House Doctor representative how taken I was by their products and styling.
I've always been a huge fan of Danish styling and the products which House Doctor offer go hand in hand with the contemporary, stylish ethos of Danish interior design and living.

So below I have pulled and paired up some of my absolute favourite images from their catalogue, there were just so many (148 pages of loveliness to be exact) that you're lucky that I haven't used every single one.

So please, indulge in the beautiful styling and products which the fabulous Home Doctor offers.



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