Tuesday, 19 July 2011

fabulous fireplaces ...

Hello all.

Today has been a pretty busy day, after a little light relief from a coffee break it's now time to crack on with some tidying. Self inflicted work is indeed the worst kind, I have books to stack, papers to organise and as per usual things to shuffle around. But naturally, before I tackled the task at hand I've had a little hunt around the net for some lovely storage ideas and what a great idea that I've came across. Whilst looking for unique storage facilities for my ever growing design book collection I've become smitten with the idea of packing them inside an old fireplace, and whilst I may not be able to use this idea as I unfortunately don't have a beautiful fireplace in my room, these images were far too lovely not to post.

Such a great way to utilize a space which may have lost it's function. 



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