Wednesday, 17 February 2010

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Some quirky and colourful images from Living Etc

Jo Berryman's London Home

So I have been flicking through a book called "the well worn interior" by Robin Forster and Tim Whittaker. It's jam packed with aging buildings and interiors from around the world, dedicating a chapter to each room in the house. It really is a lovely book to spend an hour flicking through, the photography is brilliant in the book, it highlights details of peeling wallpaper and ornate architecture perfectlty. As predicted I already have about 25 post it notes marking out pages that I plan to photocopy.

But as lovely as this book is, after seeing all of these aging buildings and interiors I had a real hankering to see some new, fresh and modern interiors. And so off to I went. I really could spend hours going through the galleries on this website, especially the tours of peoples homes. In particular the online photo tour of Jo Berryman's London flat. Her home is such a great mix of traditional and modern design that I couldn't help but feel ridiculously jealous each time I clicked "next" in order to be taken into another room of her home. Perhaps the most beautiful room in her home is her bedroom/bathroom/walk in wardrobe. Infact there really isn't any point in me refering to this as a "room", it is actually the entire first level of her flat which she decided to convert into what I can only describe as every girls dream. I have posted a few of my favourites images from the website, including some of the Berryman home.

Hope you enjoy


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