Wednesday, 3 February 2010

life's a stage....

So today I have started doing more visual research for my new project in uni. Since going to see the Moscow Ballet last week at the theatre I was inspired by the beauty of the interior of the Royal Court Theatre here in Notts ; this has lead me to combine this area of visual research with my antique/aged luxury.
There really is nothing more luxurious than the interiors and decorative architecture of theatres, this is something I'm going to try capture in my own weaves design and creations. Looking at metallics in particular. As of yet I have not come up with any finalised colour paletter, but I do have some in mind....

Here are two of the images that made me want to look at theatre interiors further

The second image in particular really captured my imagination, the limited colour palette is so effective within the overall atmosphere and feel of the room, something which I will definately consider when starting my design work. A limited colour selection with two metallic tones could be a really interesting path to go down. Hello sketchbook ....


  1. hey ruw...that last photo reminded me of this:
    they have lots of photos from old/abandoned theatres. i thought you might want to look through as they are antiquey and old but still have the really extravagant look to them. :)
    Jess x

  2. hey lovely! Thanks a lot!

    Hope your new project is going ok, no doubt il see you weaving away soon :)

    (p.s i think im going to tackle double cloth this term.... please tell me it will turn out ok lol)


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