Sunday, 19 June 2011

snap shot ...

Sunday night is usually the same weekly ritual : a big cup of tea, my blog catch ups, a bit of inspiration board making and the occasional snap shot of something I've put together, from a stack of books to a tea cup full of necklaces. This Sunday being no different, however since launching my second blog a few days ago I have now have somewhere to put all of these Sunday night snap shots. Instead of keeping them in one huge folder on my laptop, I'm now keeping an image only collection on my tumblr blog. So with this I thought I'd share one of my latest snap shots.

If you like what you see then hop over to Scene To Believe

There is something brilliantly liberating about taking a photograph and just putting it out there, with no accompanying text, tag, explanation or title. So simple but a really motivational and hopefully inspirational process.



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