Tuesday, 21 June 2011

beautifully bare ...

Hello all,

For some time now I have been in love though some may say slightly obsessed with industrial decoration and accessories for interiors. I absolutely love industrial lighting, bright coloured industrial pendant lamps are definitely the flavour of the month if not the year for me . The Contemporary Home and West Elm have some great variations of these, from tarnished silver and buffed bronze to the more modern adaptation of glossed red and yellow (my favourite).
An element of the industrial look which I will never tire of is exposed brick, whether it is painted over, featured only in selected areas or takes over an entire back wall, to me it always works brilliantly when accessorised with industrial pieces. I think exposed brick works particularly well in open living dining/kitchen areas, there is something about a brick wall against a rustic wooden table and a collection of different coloured tolix chairs. It definitely would be the way I'd decorate my space.

So with this love affair of all things industrial I thought I would share some of my favourite images. Whether its the use of exposed brick, industrial lighting, wooden floor boards or tolix chair and colour palettes, I think each one has something great to offer. Take a look... which one is your favourite?

My Favourite!



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