Monday, 20 June 2011

five favourites ...

Hello all,

So here is my next bunch of "five favourites". Being a girl who loves all things textiles, whether it's a cozy throw, some lovely linens or my favourite of all beautiful cushions. I love mix and matching textures and patterns, clashing together colour and print makes any room seem all the more interesting and sprinkled with personality. It is seemingly impossible for me to go into any interior or department store without falling in love with a whole host of cushion covers, these range from traditional gingham's to the more quirky, printed motifs, I just can't get enough. 
Cushions are in my opinion one of the most important and fun accessories for any room, whether they are piled high in an eclectic mix on top of your bed or lovingly placed in a window seat, they can make any room/corner/or spare bit of space seem all the more inviting and comfortable. Not only that but they are without doubt one of the easiest and cheapest ways to update a room, if there is a colour trend or print that you adore but haven't got the time or money to work a whole room around the style, then a collection of cushions can do this for you with minimum effort but maximum effect.

So with this, I have pulled my five favourites below. These are just some of the beauties that are about at the moment! Ranging from mid to high range price points, they are all worthy of a look/buy.


2. Sukan
3. Lizzie Allen
4. SJones - Etsy
5. Anthropologie

I hope that something here has caught your eye!



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