Thursday, 30 June 2011

five favourites - Bold and Beautiful ...

Hello all,
Whilst flicking through this months issue of Living Etc it has only fed my addiction for bright coloured furniture and pattern. Page upon page sees beautiful finds, from the Pema Beach chair from Anthropologie to the sunshine yellow Storm lantern from Toast, it's all about colour and this couldn't be more up my street if it tried.

There are so many clever pieces which can be used inside or outside the home that it provides an encouraging nod to alfresco living. My favourites examples of such furniture being the A Frame Bench by Jennifer Newman (in my favourite.... yellow. Hurrah) and the Florence wire chairs found in John Lewis, these can be used in a dining area inside the home or in the smallest of yards or gardens. The use of bright colours, surface finish and material give a cool, contemporary edge with minimum effort. 
Because of all the delicious pieces out there at the moment, it seemed only right that I put together this weeks "Five Favourites" - the theme this week being - Bold and Beautiful.
But before this I couldn't help but put together a little mood board, I am so inspired by the bold colour palettes and bright patterns out there at the moment, whether these are found in fashion prints, wall coverings or furniture they each capture the essence of summer and vitality perfectly.

Go get yourself a bright wire chair, throw a colourful tribal pattered cloth over a bistro table and grab yourself a pimms and say hellllllo to summer!

Take a look below at my five favourite finds and see if anything catches your eye.

1. Latitude Chair by Fermob
2. Pampille Parasol by Sywawa
3. Storm Lantern by Toast
4. Rug - Dash and Albert
5. Chinese Sideboard - Orchid Furniture

Hope you enjoy


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