Sunday, 1 August 2010

Happy Sunday ...

So after a lovely, yet lonnnnnng evening with friends last night I am spending today doing some research for an interview I have with Desigual next week, along with drinking plenty of tea to rid myself of that groggy too much wine feeling.

Before I head deep into the retail research ibis I decided to torture myself with a good old helping of MAC make up browsing.... I think if this interview goes well I am going to treat myself to a lipstick. The shade is called MYTH, a lovely, soft colour and after seeing some of the looks on the MAC website, it seems a worthwhile investment as it's a great neutral lip to go with any eye colour, no matter how bright or sparkly. Here are a few images of my favourite make up look at the moment.

Utterly Macalicious




  1. good luck with the research xxxx

  2. thanks! btw I adore your blog!!! xx


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