Tuesday, 30 March 2010

onwards and upwards....

I have spent this evening doing some more contextual research. I thought it would be a good idea to look at recent graduates from textiles and fashion design to see how they record the progression of their work and how they explain their themes to a wider audience. I can at times fall into the trap of assuming people are going to understand my project straight away, the more familiar I get with my work and development the easier it is to become complacent. So I thought it was time for a little more research, time away from the comforts of my own work. Quickly into doing my research I came across a graduate from De Montfort Uni in 2009 - her name is Beatrice K Newman, and her work is amazing. Instantly I was drawn to her work through her use of decorative patterns and luxury fabric. It is really interesting for me to see how different students explore ideas, how one single idea can lead to a collection of fabrics or garments. Mostly it is down to me being nosey, but I really could look through sketchbooks and samples all day long.

Here are some images of the wonderful works of Beatrice Newman.

In regards to my own work things are going ok at the moment. I have just had another 3 metres of jacquards designs woven, they are sitting happily in a box, steamed, pressed and interlocked. Although I have got a fair bit of fabric for this project I still feel asthough there is a lot more to explore. I want to translate texture through my jacquard, just like I have done in my velvet digital prints. I think a stint in the sketchbook and another moodboard could trigger and few more ideas. So off I shall go, more prep is the key.

I will be posting photographsthis week, probably Friday. I think I'm going to lay everything out that I've done so far and see whether everything "flows", this should hopefully allow me to see major points that need addressing to make sure I am not over looking anything significant. So until Friday, bye for now.


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