Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Here are a couple of photographs, not of the best quality... but just a quick snap to show my fabric samples so far. I will be getting them cut, finished an stitched tomorrow, but here they are fresh off the loom.

The painting which has inspired the weave sample.

This image is of a design im working on at the moment, this sample is a metre long, I have used three different colours just to test how the structures turn out. My final piece - which I am getting woven off tomorrow and the following week will be one block in purple, and the other mixing olive green, damson and ecru.

I'm really happy with this sample, I usually work with decorative patterns so it's been nice working on a larger scale and with a much more linear effect.

This sample is 2 metres long, broken into 3 different samples, going from top to bottom using a navy wool, then onto a lighter blue cotton and the last strip (my favourite) in a stone coloured silk. Below is a close up of the pattern I have had woven. I think this has worked pretty well.

Overall, a good day.



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