Monday, 22 March 2010

Monday, Monday...

So, much to my surprise I have had a pretty pleasant Monday. A cliche it may be, but Monday's really are the bluest of all days... usually. But today, I have felt inspired, dare I say excited about my project at uni. Yes I am of course still filled with fright and fear about the time that is ticking away far faster than I had imagined, but I am excited to reach the end.
This is probably down to the fact that I have found a chair frame to use for my final piece in my degree show, I've managed to buy it for a great price, and with a lick of gold paint (tasteful not tacky...of course) and my own fabric upholstered onto it, it should work out pretty well.
Here is a picture of the chair I will be using - bare in mind the fabric is not my own. Im going to paint the frame an antique gold and possibly sand it down a little to really make it look a little aged. So hopefully with the addition of my own fabric and my devored velvet work it should look as pretty as a picture.

At the moment, I am designing some patterns to put into Point Carre so I can get tester strips woven off on the power loom. I am concentrating on decorative patterns, which I've found through my visual research into theatre interiors and decorative architecture. A company that has inspired me remarkably is Lewis & Wood. Directly inspired in many cases by the arts an crafts movement, many of their wallpapers and fabrics are a flury with patterns reminiscent of A.H Mackmurdo. They are however given an up to date twist through their colour combinations and styling. Lewis & Wood - a company that I will never bore of looking at. Here are some of the images that have inspired me lately....


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