Saturday, 3 April 2010

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So today I have stepped away from doing my sketchbook work and have decided to do a little more contextual research, I'd like to class this as work, but really, trawling through blogs and websites to find pretty imagery really is a hobbie, if not a love of mine.

I've really launched myself into looking at more decorative patterns, after looking at traditional artists such as A.H Mackmurdo and Lindsay Butterfield I wanted to research ways inwhich new artists use traditional decorative patterns in a contemporary way. I thought ceramics would be a great area to look at, surface pattern in ceramics is as popular and stylish as ever and I have came across two brilliantly different, but equally talented ceramic artists.
First up is Lizzie Brown, a ceramic maker and designer who specialises in tiles. Her work is not decorative but I love the simplicity of her tiles, and the focus on colour combinations.

The second ceramic artist is someone I really admire... I think I may even have an art crush on this woman. Her name is Samantha Robinson. She has an amazing website which displays her beautiful work and really demonstrates the theme and concept of her brand and products.
Here are a few of my favourite pieces, but as you will see, her website and shop are jam packed with wonderful hand made pieces of porcelain.

After seeing such beautiful ceramics I think I am going to dedicate a whole area of research to this craft, I've always been interested in ceramic design so I think it's only natural that I carry on with my research into this subject area. With this I think I'm going to spend the next few hours collecting some more lovely images, which I will no doubt put up on here within a day or so.
For now, I bid you all farewell.
Happy Easter weekend.

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