Wednesday, 20 January 2010

such great heights...

Busy days.

At the moment I am in the middle of editing my dissertation, an arduous and easily avoidable task, I have however only got just over a week until it is finished and then I can finally get back into my textiles work, something I am itching to do.
Due to all this writing and editing I do have the occassional sudden urge to get creative, fully aware that this could set me back time wise, so I am having to curb my enthusiasm on that front. My break from writing today is updating my blog. I am thinking about changing my inspiration wall above my desk so I was on the hunt for some lovely photography and art to fill in the new space.
I found two lovely photographers on Etsy, here are a few little snippets of their Etsy portfolios.

Two lovely images from Futurowoman on Etsy. She has some lovely retro and polaroid prints, I especially like the hazey prints, they give such a sense of nostalgia.

Tracey Capone Photography. I love her prints so much, the use of gold and brown hues in her photography really has inspired me. I will definately be using these images in my contextual file as part of my "aged luxury" project.

In regards to my love of colour and texture there is one artist that I always seem to go back to, David Stanley. I was lucky enough to have him as a fine art tutor on my foundation course before university. Every time I need a little inspiration for colour proportion and balancing I always refer back to his work. Daves work, especially Amstel Joy are still some of my favourite pieces of art, 3 years on.

Amstel Joy

Lymm Light



  1. Thank you so much; I am honored! Good luck with your revisions--I've been there, so I can relate to the stress, but also remember: you're getting there! :)

  2. Thank you so much! Your prints are really lovely, it was my pleasure to put them up!



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