Saturday, 9 January 2010

a french fancy...

So today I have returned to Nottingham, ready for the start of university on Monday. I'm ready to get back into the work mode now, although i'm fairly certain that after a week or so I'll be longing for these "snowed in" days.

Whilst doing some research for inspirational images for my new project I came across a lovely book, pages full of pretty, antique fabrics and decoration. I'm going to treat myself to it on Monday, after all it is going to help me with my work....

I've decided to carry on with my "aged luxury" theme for my second project, once again using silk and linen yarns to create some large jacquard pieces and then experiment with technical processes which suggest an element of antique/"worn in" surface interest.

Whilst doing some image research for this subject area I came across some lovely and somewhat decadent interiors on my laptop, I seem to save copius amounts of images and now and then forget to jott down where I've found them. I'm afraid that this is the case with the images below, I have no idea where I have collected them from, but their gorgeousness detract from this little problem.

Designers Guild


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