Friday, 23 September 2011

Happy Weekend ...

Hello all,

So what a bad, bad blogger I have been recently. It has been a fair few weeks since I last posted but with work, packing, travelling and experiencing the glory of Bestival time really has just flown by. However, I am  now fully back, I've recovered from many an hour of travelling, almost over my cold and have finally gotten rid of the last grain of glitter left over from Bestival.  It's time to get back to business. 
And where better to start than my obligatory room envy image collection. Not a day goes by that I don't "oooo" or "ahhhh" over an interior image, and as you can imagine with my absence as of late I have had a lot of  "ooo and ahhh-ing" catching up to do. And what a pleasure it has been.

It seems I just can't get over my love of white washed walls, there is something so ethereal about a room washed with the purity of white paint. All it takes is some colourful accessories and furniture and variation in textures to make the room retain that comforting and inviting edge which, in my opinion is key.

Along with the loveliness of these interior images, I have also came across some other beauties, the prettiness of which seem to wish you a happy weekend without me even having to say it.



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