Friday, 19 August 2011

friday fancies ...

Hello all,

Finally Friday is here, hurrah! With an entire weekend off I plan to get inspired, organised and continue on my crafting head dress mission.

Talking about getting organised, what better place to start than my overloaded and cramped desktop. Throughout the week I tend to litter my desktop with inspirational images however it seems that not even half of them end up in my posts, something to do with too much choice and not enough time.

With this I thought a great way for me to use the copious amounts of images which I collect throughout the week would be to create a Friday inspiration board, this will give you an insight into what has inspired me throughout the week and what will hopefully trigger some creations over the weekend. Whether it's the colours used in the images, the subject, theme or texture my Friday posts will be a way for me to collate my favourite images which convey my weekly inspiration in the most simplistic and hopefully pretty way.

So here goes, my weekly inspiration.

Welcome to Friday Fancies.

What has inspired you this week?



1 comment:

  1. I totally understand where you're coming from Ruth ... there are so many beautiful images that one discovers on the internet ... its a matter of filing them straight away!

    I've just stumbled onto your blog ... your friday images are so serene.


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