Saturday, 15 January 2011

I Love Kane...

So it is official, I may have just found my favourite ever collection - the Kane Resort 2011 collection. As a Kane enthusiast I can always rely on his collections for inspiration and temptation ( he may be a favourite to the eye but not the bank balance). However, this collection goes above and beyond.

The digital prints are beautiful, inspired by what seems like outer space, it is an explosion of colour, a contrast between deep, intense dark hues to translucent, fluid, lighter shades. The combination of sheer fabrics with panels of leather, contrasting fabric weight, something which is used throughout the collection, the chiffon shirt and flared, leather, high waisted trousers being the perfect example. This, along with the shape, the volume, the frills and button details.... the list is endless. I could go on. But I will instead let your marvel yourself, with my FAVOURITE looks which I have pulled below.



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