Sunday, 2 January 2011

a label of love...

Happy New Year to one and all.

I hope everyone is excited and inspired for this coming year.
I plan to make this year a productive, creative and challenging one. These words all encapsulate the feeling of opening up I am mine.
It is all I've been thinking about really, I've spent today looking for, buying and making stock as well as thinking about designs for leaflets and my labels and tags for my stock.
For my jewellery (well earrings and hair slides) Ive decided I want to print out my design onto card and put the jewellery directly onto it instead of using little boxes or having swing tags attached. I think I have got my favourite and hopefully final design for my jewellery labels done, I'm going to test print them tomorrow, but here is a sneak preview of how it is currently. I will upload the printed version some time this week.

I'm assuming a lot of you will be familiar with this sentence, it's from my favourite poem by William Wordsworth. I have always loved the poem and especially this line. I'm naturally, always drawn to things in craft stores that have little quotes or snippets of text on them, so I have gone down that route myself hoping that it will drum up some interest with like minded people / hopeful customers!

Anyway, I must dash.



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