Saturday, 24 March 2012

Happy Weekend ...

Hello there,

What a perfect start to the weekend, an uninterrupted, sunny March day. Not just sunny, warm in fact and although I wasn't able to spend the day basking in the glory of such a rarity it definitely helped put me in a brighter mood. I am ironically full of a winter cold, so this dose of sunshine was very much needed. It's because of this lovely sunshine that I started to get excited for the summer, warmer days and lighter evenings, a combination which seems to make everyone that little bit more happy.

I have already started my S/S mood boards, collecting any imagery which depicts the brightness, easy going and spontaneous mood that summer exudes. Here is a glimpse of the type of imagery which reminds me that summer is well on its way. Fresh colours, fun print combinations and an almost breezy "anything goes" attitude towards design. 

Happy Weekend,

Enjoy the sunshine and remember to put your clocks forward tonight... yes you may lose an hour of sleep but this means we are one step closer to sublime summer!



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