Tuesday, 8 March 2011

L' Amour Millesime

Hello all,

so today I thought I would share a lovely little website with you all. If you like vintage finds with a lovely hand finished feel, then this is a site that will have you flitting away your time before you know it.

From textile design graduate Brooke Edwards, this site is jam packed with feminine, hand selected, vintage finds from around the West Midlands. The focus being on all things girlie, there is beautifully cut glass wear, intricate jewellery, delicate doily's and a whole lot more. It is like a little treasure chest for the vintage enthusiast.

From the out set you can see that this website has a personal and themed approach to selling products, which I think makes it all the more appealing. Along with the fact that all the stock on the site is hand selected and finished (mostly applying to frames only), you can really sense the amount of time, labor and love that has gone into creating http://www.lamourmillesime.com/.

Below I have pulled out some of my favourite (of many) images from the site. To see it in all of its girlie glory then a visit to the site is a must.



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