Thursday, 3 March 2011

fleurs du mal...

So, he is back. My favourite designer Erdem. I have only just got around to checking out his fall 2011 collection which was showcased 21st February in London.
This is a collection which surprised me, after reading the inspiration and theme behind the designs however, it then all seemed to make sense.

It is a wonderful theme. His muse - an artists wife who cracks and tears apart her husbands canvases only to remake them into pieces of clothing. Upon reading this the surprising use of patch work, plunging necklines an cut out detailing all seem beautifully relevant and symbolic.

I love the darker palette of this collection and the slight skew on delicacy and accuracy. Though it must be said that his signature lace overlay is still happily present.

Below are some of my favourite pieces from the collection. Particularly the maxi dresses and shift dresses with lace overlay! Once again Erdem, I applaud you!!

And here, my favourite two dresses! The difference in fabric weight and how the colours change in intensity... I can't help but fall in love.



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