Sunday, 6 February 2011

I wish...

Whilst in Shrewsbury on the weekend I stumbled across a shop ( be it the shop window as we were driving past on the way to the wedding ceremony) called Vinegar Hill. I didn't have the chance to go in however as soon as I got in I searched to see whether they were online. And to my delight they were. From the products, to the visual merchandising, colour schemes and layout... well I adore it all. If I were to have my own shop (fingers crossed in the future this will be a reality) I would take great inspiration from this store. Its inviting, individual and seems easy to shop in. Turns out that there are 6 Vinegar Hill stores spotted about in the UK, Shrewsbury, Bath, Bristol, Stratford (x2) and Cheltenham. I am dying to go back to Shrewsbury and have the chance to actually go in-store instead of falling in love whilst only whizzing past.

To help you understand why I am so enthusiastic and smitten with this store I have pulled some images from their website (which by the way is a little piece of art in itself!)


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