Friday, 21 October 2011

colour me ... purple and blush

Hello all,

So whilst doing some research / inspiration seeking for wedding favor ideas (for my sisters wedding)   I came across so many beautiful images, from table settings (my ultimate bit of eye candy), flower arrangements and beautiful papers I was overwhelmed by the visual impact of the delicate hues of pinks and purples. Of course one would expect to see pastel shades when researching wedding colour schemes and favor ideas, but the images which I have collected use pastel shades in a more contemporary and refreshing way. The colours offer such a whimsical and gentle quality to the subject, these shades of blush and purple soften each image and capture the romance of the occasion.

Below are my stand alone favourites. Utterly inspiring, achingly beautiful.

Pretty as a picture.



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  1. Just found my images on Pinterest! Thanks for posting them. You can find the rest on Grey Likes Weddings

    Tammie Gilchrist, Photographer


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