Monday, 20 December 2010


Hello there,

So I realise I have been rather bad the past month and neglected my little blog. Life has been all kinds of busy, but it is the festive season, so maybe I can use that as some kind of pass jail free card on this occasions ? I do hope so.

I am very excited and inspired at the moment, it is too early to reveal why I am in such moods, however hopefully come the end of the week I will be able to reveal all. Lets just say, this is a new venture which I really hope works out as I am bursting with ideas and hope.
I have doodled, jotted and scribbled down pages and pages of ideas in my notebook regarding said venture. I realise that this may not make sense at the moment, but once everything is confirmed I will let you all know and all will make sense. I hope ha.

For now I will leave you all with some lovely images that have caught my eye over the past month. Yes I have still be searching the net for pretty pictures, I just haven't had the chance to post them. But seen as today I am off work due to the snow stopping me in my tracks, literally, the time is perfect.

Posting ahoy.

And finally,

My find of the day... an artist that before today I hadn't heard of. Dale Frank.

The use of colour and fluidity in his work is incredible, with some pieces reminding me of Georgia O'keeffe's colour work. The piece below is beautiful and my favourite from the online gallery. It is now proudly my new screen saver... (my Colin Firth was getting a little ridiculous anyway, time for a change).



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