Wednesday, 29 September 2010


My favourite images of the week so far. A long, wordy post is in order very soon, but for now this collection of loveliness will have to do.

Saturday I will return after a visit to the Liverpool Biennial festival which is running from now until November. The Biennial is a contemporary art festival which happens every two years in the city of Liverpool, showcasing a variety of exhibitions. This year the festival, named "Touched" is jam packed with an array of interesting, inspirational and thought provoking exhibitions and workshops. My first of many visits will be this Saturday so I shall report back on how its all turning out so far.

I plan to visit as many exhibitions as possible, considering there are upwards of 40 main projects within the Biennial event I will have to plan as many visits as physically possible. I may even dabble in some of the evening festivities, a splash of wine and a dose of culture.... what's not to love hey?!

Here is the link to the Biennial festival...

Go along and have a look. go


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