Friday, 11 May 2012

just my cup of tea ...

Hello all,

Now as past posts have proven, I am a bit obsessive over table settings, glass ware and pretty ceramic finds of all shapes, colour and sizes. But for the last few weeks there has been one crockery essential that has been at the helm of my obsession. The humble tea cup. A classic but now,ever so stylish addition to many a persons home, no longer just a holder of a comforting cup of tea oh no, tea cups are seriously stylish, whether they are in full bloom with cut flower heads, weighed down in scented wax for the prettiest candles around or merely used to hold some of your glitziest jewellery, the tea cup is the all rounder.

Don't believe me? Check out the images below. Next time you stick the kettle on, why not route out your prettiest tea cup and see what stylish use you can put it to!

So if these beautiful images have inspired you but you don't have any ever so stylish tea cups of your own, my top tip is pop into your local charity shops. Apart from the odd one or two more fancier ones, my collection of these little beauties have all come from charity shops, none costing over £1.00 for two, they often come in a mix matching of sets which is even more lovely not to mention en vogue! 




  1. Hy beautiful! your blog is so sweet! I was wondering, would you like to follow each other? :X

    1. Hello! Thank for the kind words! Of course I would love to follow. Consider it done, I hope you come back to read my other posts :)

      a whistle and a dream



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